We offer onsite holiday parking to our guests. Our car park is flood-lit and covered by 24hr CC TV.

How much does parking cost?

We charge £37.50 for up to 15 days parking. Additional parking is charged at £7.50 per day.

Where will my car be parked?

Cars are kept on-site at Waterhall. This excludes anyone using our meet and greet service.

Can I keep my car keys?

No. All guests parking a car at Waterhall must leave their keys and we will move your car within our own grounds. This is done to maintain the availabilty and ease of parking for new arrivals to the hotel. Please note, guest failing to hand in their keys prior to departure will incur additional parking charges.

Can I park a car without staying the night?

No. Holiday parking is only available to people staying at least one night in the hotel and we do not offer a parking only package.

Can I book one room and park two cars?

No. Holiday parking is strcitly limited to one car per room.

How do I get to the airport and back?

Please click here for information on our airport transfer service.

Can I park first and stay on my return?

Yes. If booking in this way, please add a note to your booking on the details page informing us of the specific date and time you wish to leave your car. Please note, the hotel must be open for you to do this. We are unable to accept car drops after 10pm and night and before 7am.