Meet and greet is a great way to speed up your homeward journey after you holiday. A driver will meet you outside the terminal with your car when you land back at Gatwick Airport.

How Does it Work?

  • You leave your car with us and take a taxi to the airport.
  • The meet and greet company will collect your car from Waterhall.
  • They will store your car in their secure compound.
  • You will collect your car outside the terminal on your return.
  • You save both time and the expense of a return taxi to Waterhall to collect your car.

What does it cost?

There is an additional charge in the region of £20.00 (this varies on the length of your parking requirement), however you can offset your return taxi charges against this (you won’t need a return taxi if using meet and greet). Please inquire in arrival about upgrading to this service.

Who Operates Your Meet and Greet Service?

The company is called Maple Manor. They are very well regarded locally and we trust them implicitly to look after your car and uphold our reputation for vehicle care. Maple Manor are endorsed by the Gatwick Airport Approved (Meet & Greet) Operator Scheme.